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Higher Learning for You and Your Dog!

As part of Southpaws Playschool’s goal to help dogs become good citizens in their homes and community, we have created a dynamic and evolving series of classes and seminars to give owners skills to help them better communicate with and care for their pets.

Our purpose is to educate the public about living with dogs. Our goals are: (1) to keep problem dogs from being rehomed and (2) to help all dogs live a better life. At Southpaws, our training programs are as much about people as about dogs. We realize both people and dogs learn best in an atmosphere that is casual and open to ideas and having fun?

All Southpaws University instructors are committed to positive training and do not use punitive or compulsory training methods.


Due to the specialized nature of our classes and small class size, all training fees are non-refundable.

puppy crate training

Puppy Party (FREE!)


Puppies 8-16 weeks. This class runs weekly from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on a drop in basis.

Bring your new puppy for socialization with other puppies and humans. Learn what proper play looks like and how to choose proper play companions for your pup.

Puppies will be supervised by an experienced puppy trainer who has raised well over 50 puppies.

Reservations are required for this class. Please email us at to make a reservation for your pup.

Families with children are always welcome.


Play Train Your Puppy
(6 weeks) $225

This class is an excellent way to get your dog started the right way in life. During this six week course:

Learning is done through play with interruptions for training. Competitions and completion of homework assignments will tell everyone of your wonderful progress with your puppy.

  • You will learn how to get your dog to come, sit, down, wait and follow you WITHOUT telling your pup “NO” and WITHOUT A LEASH!
  • You will learn how to properly socialize your pup in any human or canine situation
  • Your puppy will acquire excellent bite inhibition
  • You will get guidance on how to solve countless “puppy problems”
  • In addition, you will gain invaluable information on how to keep on the training trail once your pup finishes the class

You will need to commit to reading several articles per week, as well as completing homework assignments with your puppy and socializing your puppy by having him meet new people/dogs every day.

Email to be placed on the invitation list.

Class is for puppies from 12 to 24 weeks. Puppies must have had two rounds of shots in order to participate in class. CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED!

goofy teenage dog

Big Goofy Teenagers (4 weeks) $175

  • Has your sweet little puppy grown into an out of control teenager?
  • Does your dog walk you?
  • Does your dog jump up on everyone, putting kids and old people in danger?
  • Does he run away laughing and making rude gestures when you call?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then BGT is the class for you!

In this four week class, we will focus on the three biggies: preventing jumping, loose leash walking and getting a really reliable recall. In week four we will add in place training and wait to keep your teenager from rushing the door, and you will have the dog of your dreams.

Class fee includes a treat pouch and all the treats your dog can earn.

Email to reserve a spot for our next class!


Little Dudes and Divas
(6 weeks) $200

This class is for tiny dogs that rule the roost. Over a six week period, we will work on the THREE R’s:

  • Remolding your dog’s behavior
  • Reprogramming your own thinking patterns
  • Rebuilding your relationship with your tiny breed dog

This class is for tiny breed adult dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds

Class fee includes a treat bag and all training materials. First class session is people only. Email to reserve your spot!

dogs at south Austin dog daycare

Weekday Board and Train (live in)
$650 per week–2 weeks minimum

This training option is open only to current Southpaws day care dogs. Your dog will live at Southpaws on weekdays for two weeks and be trained according to a set plan. You bring your dog in on Monday morning and pick up on Friday evening, using the weekend time to reinforce the behaviors that were covered during the week.

All training tools/treats that are necessary are included in the training fee.

Training also includes one private lesson to show you what your dog has learned and to make sure that you understand your dog’s new capabilities. Ongoing support is included.

Weekends are available in case you will be out of town. Weekends are boarding only to let your dog rest.

Limited availability. Email for more information.

black dog

Day Training (daily attendance)
$375 per week–2 weeks minimum

Owner and trainer put together an individualized learning plan for the dog, deciding on two to three areas of need and prioritizing the training that will take place.

The dog is trained per the ILP, and then the dog’s person is shown how to maintain the skills mastered by the dog. Ongoing support is included.

Email for more information.

puppy crate training

Puppy Crate Training
(four weeks daily attendance) $750

Your puppy will be introduced to the crate in a non-punitive, supportive way. The four weeks are spent building up crate time and teaching your dog to be clean in the house.

Includes take-home notes, daily reports and ongoing support so that you can reinforce what your puppy learns at school.

Email for more information.

baby and dog

FAMILY FRIENDLY DOG: Introducing Your New Baby to Your Dog
(2 hours) $50 per couple

Many new parents worry about how their dog will react to the new baby. This two hour class offers participants the opportunity to evaluate their dog’s behavior so that they can plan for the new baby’s arrival. The class also explores common perceptions about kids and dogs, in addition to offering specific strategies to make the transition from a family of three to a family of four a smooth one.

Who should attend? Expecting parents, concerned grandparents, parents who are planning to adopt a baby are all welcome. Participants should dress comfortably and bring anything to make themselves comfortable—pillows, snacks, drinks, etc.

NOTE: This class is for humans only.

Email for more information.

To Join a Class:

All of our classes are scheduled as demand dictates.

*It is NEVER too early to be put on the invitation list!*

To get more information about one of our classes or to get put on the invitation list for a class, please email us at or give us a call at 512-440-7529.

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